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August 2019 - June 2020

Class descriptions and explanations below!

Class descriptions and explanations below!

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Class descriptions and explanations:

Combo: A combination of Ballet and Tap or Ballet and Jazz, this class introduces the child to the world of dance. Best option for ages 2-5.

Tumbling Tots: An introduction to floor gymnastics. Students will learn balance, coordination and strength while learning the basic movements of acrobatic gymnastics. Best option for ages 2-5.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation to all forms of dance. Ballet helps the student to develop strength, flexibility, balance, discipline and overall gracefulness. Ballet provides the building blocks needed for dance and a healthy lifestyle.

Jazz: Jazz is a fun and fast form of self-expression for the student. The student will learn kicks, leaps, turns, and various jazz combination steps. Fun, upbeat music is the basis for this style of dance.

Tap: Tap is a great vehicle for building coordination and balance. The student will learn basic Tap technique, terminology and progressive steps across the floor. The student's own feet become musical instruments through the rhythms inherent to Tap.

Lyrical: A modern and faster form of Ballet. The student will learn control, flexibility, and various combinations put to lyrical music.

Hip-Hop: A high-energy form of street dance. The student will learn basic hip-hop moves and choreography & strength-building floor movements put to up-beat rap, and hip-hop music.

Tumbling: Tumbling is acrobatic gymnastics taught on mats. No apparatus is used in this class. The student will learn cartwheels, handsprings, rolls and many flexibility skills. Tumbling is a catalyst for dance and cheer-leading.

Musical Theater: A genre of dance in which students learn Broadway style dancing and acting. Students will learn stage presence and performance skills along with dancing to show tunes.

Stretch & Strength: A class that focuses on both strengthening the body in the correct manner, as well as elongating the muscles to help avoid injury and expand skills in all genres of dance.

Leaps & Turns: This is a class that will help student improve their technique for all styles of dance, especially jazz, ballet, and lyrical. Students strengthen the leg and core muscles while working on leaps and jumps. Students also practice balance and upper body strength while focusing on proper turning technique.

Boys Crew: Our all boys hip-hop crew that performs at showcases & community service events.

Level Descriptions and Explanations:

Primary: Introductory level classes; typically for ages four to six. Best for students with 0-1 year of dance experience.

Beginning: One step above primary level classes; typically for ages six to eight. Best for students with 1-2 years of dance experience.

Intermediate: Moderate level difficulty classes; typically for ages eight to twelve. Best for students with 3-5 years of dance experience.

Advanced: Highest level difficulty classes; typically ages twelve and above. Best for students with more than 5 years of dance experience.